Rocky Flats Ranch

Two Breeds, One Goal

The foundation for the registered Angus herd began 20 years ago, however recently a refocus on improving genetics for beef characteristics began with the goal of marketing direct to consumers down the line. Rocky Flats Ranch Angus cattle produce calves that have high weaning weights, outstanding carcass traits, and are adaptable to the rocky terrain of Colorado.

The Scottish Highland fold is a more recent addition to Rocky Flats Ranch. With the goal being adding direct to consumer marketing, the Highlands offer a unique niche for future customers. The Highland cattle are also especially adapted for rocky and pine heavy terrain, allowing the ranch to utilize more land that is typically unsuitable for cattle or crops.

Looking after the Land

Land conservation is another focus of Rocky Flats Ranch. Both the Angus herd and the Scottish Highland fold utilize rotational grazing through owned and leased land. This allows the cattle to be moved to where they are needed for the land, instead of just where it is convenient for the rancher.

Rotational grazing and using two breeds also help prevent wildfires by reducing an overgrowth of trees and brush, while allowing the previously grazed land to recover more quickly.

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